Biology Week 8

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Guest Hollow’s High School Biology Textbook
Guest Hollow's Homeschool Biology TextbookChapter 5: The Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis

5.1 Cell Division and the Cell Cycle
5.2 Chromosomes and Mitosis
WorkbookChapter 5.1 workbook pagesChapter 5.2 workbook pages
Writing Assignments
Write a paper about how you can get cancer from smoking.
Option: create an anti-smoking poster with information about the different cancers it can cause.
Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science)Illustrated Guide to Home Biology ExperimentsLab Session IV-3: Investigating Cell DivisionWant to just look at slide pictures online? Click the links below:
Onion tip mitosis slides
Animal mitosis slides
Guest Hollow LabsThere are no labs this week.
Apologetics and Creation Science
The New Answers Book: Over 25 Questions on Creation / Evolution and the BibleThe New Answers Book 1Chapter 22: Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution?Chapter 23: Hasn’t Evolution Been Proven True?Chapter 24: Did Dinosaurs Turn into Birds?
Other Resources
Cells by Ellen McHenryCellsChapter 9: Mitosis and Meiosisp. 191 Make a mitosis flip book
Biology Coloring Workbook, 2nd Edition: An Easier and Better Way to Learn BiologyBiology Coloring WorkbookChapter 2
 (p. 52) Cell Cycle
Chapter 2 (p. 54) Mitosis
Amoeba Sisters (YouTube)The Cell Cycle (and Cancer) (Updated)
Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process that Uses Division to Multiply! (Updated)
Chromosome Numbers During Division: Demystified!
Chromosomes and Karyotypes
Google image search:
Microscope slide:
Printable: Mitosis flipbook (if you don’t use the one from the Cells book)
2nd option: blank flipbook

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