Guest Hollow’s High School Biology Curriculum Online Schedule

Guest Hollow's High School Biology Curriculum

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Last update: 9/12/2023. Click here to see the update history.

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Week 11.1 Science and the Natural World
1.2 Biology: The Study of Life
Week 22.1 Matter and Organic Compounds
2.2 Biochemical Reactions
Week 32. 3 Water, acids and bases
Week 43.1 Introduction to cells
3.2 Cell Structures
Week 53.3 Cell Transport and Homeostasis
Week 64.1 Energy for Life
4.2 Photosynthesis: Sugar as Food * You may want to SKIP or SKIM this section if your student is NOT “into” science and likely to not pursue science in the future
Week 74.3 Powering the Cell: Cellular Respiration * You may want to SKIP or SKIM this section if your student is NOT “into” science and likely to not pursue science in the future.
4.4 Anaerobic Respiration
Week 85.1 Cell Division and the Cell Cycle

5.2 Chromosomes and Mitosis
Week 95.3 Reproduction and Meiosis
Week 106.1 Mendel’s Investigations
Week 116.2 Mendelian Inheritance
Week 127.1 DNA and RNA
7.2 Protein Synthesis
Week 137.3 Mutation
7.4 Regulation of Gene Expression
Week 148.1 Human Chromosomes and Genes
8.2 Human Inheritance
Week 158.3 Biotechnology
Week 169.1 Classification
****CATCH UP / EASY WEEK******
Week 1710.1 Exposing the Flaws in Evolution
****CATCH UP / EASY WEEK******
Week 1811.1 The Science of Ecology
11.2 Recycling Matter
11. 3 Biomes
Week 1912. 1 Community Interactions
12. 2 Characteristics of Populations
Week 2013.1 Prokaryotes
13.2 Viruses
Week 2114.1 Introduction to Protists
14.2 Types of Protists
14.3 Introduction to Fungi
Week 2214.4 Ecology of Fungi
14.5 Protists, Fungi, and Human Disease
Week 2315.1 Introduction to the Plant Kingdom
15.2 Four Types of Plants
Week 2416.1 Plant Tissues and Growth
16.2 Plant Organ: Roots, Stems, and Leaves
Week 2516.3 Variation in Plant Life Cycles
16.4 Plant Features and Responses
Week 2617.1 Overview of Animals
17.2 Overview of Invertebrates
Week 2718.1 Sponges, Cnidarians, Flatworms, and Roundworms
18.2 Mollusks and Annelids
Week 2818.3 Arthropods and Insects
18.4 Echinoderms and Invertebrates
Week 2919.1 Overview of Vertebrates
19.2 Fish
19.3 Amphibians
Week 3019.4 Reptiles
19.5 Birds
Week 3120.1 Mammalian Traits
20.2 Reproduction in Mammals
Week 3220.3 Classification of Mammals
20.4 Overview of Animal Behavior


9/12/2023 – In the workbook answers for 2.1 True/False, the answer for #1 should be true.

8/15/2023 – Week 11: The Dihybrid cross guinea pig worksheet link was updated.

8/11/2023 – Week 1: The Is Yeast Alive? experiment link was updated.

6/23/2023 – Week 4: The BBC Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell video link was updated. Week 5 – The busy factory PDF link was updated.

5/16/2023 – Week 8: The mitosis flipbook link was changed and a 2nd option was added.

3/1/2023 – Week 15 – The New Answers book chapter 18 link was fixed.

1/23/2023 – Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 have been updated to reflect how the New Answers Book 2 changed the order of some of its chapters.

1/4/2023 – The 11.2 True or False page of the workbook has been edited to take out several questions that are not discussed in the text.

1/3/2023 – Big Yearly Link Check (a huge thank you to Stephanie S. for checking links!):
A 2nd link was added for Ellen McHenry’s Cells book.
A link to one of the supplies was fixed.
The link to the Grow a Frog kit in the supply list was updated.
A few small edits/corrections were made to the formatting.
Week 19: The link for the Amoeba Sisters video was added.
Week 29: The Grow a Frog link was updated.

10/18/2022 – A few edits were made to the workbook in a variety of places.

9/12/2022 – Wider margins were added to the workbook pages to make room for hole punches. Page numbers were also added.

9/6/2022 – Week 10 – The Genetics video was added for the Biology 101 series of videos.

8/11/2022 – Week 3: One of the lapbook links wasn’t working. It was replaced.

8/1/2022 – Week 21 – Episode 3 of Planet Earth was added in. The formatting of the printable schedule was also fixed (several tables in the later weeks were too long and messed up the page flow).

7/11/2022 – Amoeba Sister videos were added to multiple weeks.

5/5/2022 – The 2nd edition of Cells (by Ellen McHenry) was scheduled in. The following weeks were affected: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12
Week 4: The cell size and scale activity was added to the the schedule.


Week 27: The schedule prematurely stated that there were no workbook pages for the rest of the year, but there are pages for chapter 18.1. That’s been fixed now. 🙂


  • Week 29: Instructions to dissect the frog from the Advanced Dissection Kit were added.

2/11/2022: Our big yearly link check was completed for this schedule.

The following schedule changes were made:

  • The links for the study guides and answer keys that accompany the New Answers books have been updated.
  • In week 12 of the Guest Hollow labs, the links for the DNA to Protein, Modeling Transcription, and Modeling Translation online activities have been updated.
  • The week 28 IGHBE lab link for mealworms has been updated.
  • Week 8: The animal mitosis slide link has been updated.
  • Week 11: The BrainPOP Heredity link has been updated. A Recipe for Traits link has been updated in the extras section.
  • Week 12: The K’Nex link was updated.
  • Week 32: The BrainPOP movie about humans was changed to movies about mammals.

A huge thanks to our volunteer link checker, C. S.! We appreciate her so much!


Week 27: The link for The Genesis of Germs study guide has been updated:


  • Week 12: The links for the online activities have been updated: DNA to Protein, Modeling Transcription, and Modeling Translation


Workbook section 4.3 – #12 was changed to false.


  • Week 1: I added a link under the notes’ section for the free version of the Answers book.


  • Week 1: The link for the Answers Book study guide was changed and a link to the answer key was added.



  • The animal mitosis slide link in the supply list was changed.


  • The video Evolution vs. God was marked as unscheduled (you can watch it whenever you wish). The Gregor Mendel book was missing in the printable schedule book list. It was added.


  • The link to the online enzyme catalysis activity is no longer working. It has been removed.


  • Week 20: The link for the You Make Me Sick game is no longer working and has been removed.
  • Week 18: The link for the Food Chain game is no longer working and has been removed.
  • Week 12: The link for Protein Synthesis Race is no longer working and has been removed.
  • Week 11: The link for Crazy Plant Shop is no longer working and has been removed.
  • Week 6: The link for the Photosynthesis and Respiration game is no longer working and has been removed.
  • Week 5: The links for the Cell Command Game and Cell Defense Game are no longer working and have been removed.


19.3 Amphibians was linked in week 29.


A note about BrainPOP was added to the printable schedule:
I’ve scheduled in some BrainPOP videos. Some high schoolers may find BrainPOP too childish. However, the videos are short and quite informational with short quizzes for each one. My kids still thought the BrainPOP videos were fun, even when they were older. You may want to look for a trial before spending the money on a subscription. If you decide BrainPOP is not a fit for your family, feel free to skip it.


All links were checked and broken links were fixed. Schedule formatting was changed. Videos were added in. Textbook links were updated to reflect our updated website. Workbook links were removed (as the workbook is now a single download found here:

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  1. I couldn’t find where the video “Evolution vs. God” was scheduled. I looked through the online & printable schedule I purchased & didn’t see it in either one. Can you tell me what week we’re supposed to watch it?

    1. I should have marked that video as unscheduled. You can watch it whenever you wish! I’m updating the schedule to put that note in there! 🙂

  2. Can this curriculum be used for younger grades? I have a 5th grader and a 9th grader that I am searching for science curriculum for. My 5th grader is a little above her grade level, and my 9th grader is autistic and below grade level.

    1. Every student is different, so it’s hard to say what will work for kids I don’t work with on a regular basis in person. 😉 You know your kiddos best. I recommend you look over the book list, the online textbook, and the lab/supply list and see if you think it could be a fit. The curriculum was designed for high school, but like anything else we make, you can adapt it. I just don’t know if it would work in your situation or not. Sorry, I’m not too helpful! Another option may be to look at our anatomy program (Jr. Anatomy). That may be more of a fit. You may also want to post your question on one of our Facebook groups:
      Maybe other parents in the groups can help share what they’ve done. 🙂

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