Science of Seasons Week 6

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Art: northern lights project
Bible: The Bible is our compass
Geography: Australia, labeling a map
Science: northern lights, earth’s poles, making a compass, tree bark, the age of a tree, states of matter
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The Science of SeasonsThe Science of SeasonsHave your kids see if they can find the pages that match this week’s activities as they do them.
The Science of Seasons Activity BookThe Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activitiesp. 51 Geography, Maps and Globesp. 52 Northern Lightsp. 53 Northern Lights Art Project

Supplies: card stock (thick paper), watercolors & paintbrush, black construction paper, sponge or napkin or paper towel, water, scissors, glue
Explore Spring!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About SpringExplore SpringActivity: Be a Bark Detective

Supplies: 3 trees, pencil, science journal, tree identification guide (optional)
Activity: How Old Is That Tree?

Supplies: tree, measuring tape, pencil, science journal
The Wheel on the SchoolThe Wheel on the School Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Read each book on the day it’s listed:Australia: A Benjamin Blog and His Inquisitive Dog GuideOption 1: AustraliaThe Mystery on the Great Barrier Reef Option 2: The Mystery on the Great Barrier Reef: Sydney, Australia
Other suggestions for this week:

Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #8: The Australian Boomerang Bonanza

Florence Young: Mission Accomplished (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) This is a long book. We used this series as read-alouds. It would take 2-4 weeks to read it aloud.

 Australia (Country Guides, with Benjamin Blog and his Inquisitive Dog)
States of matter 
You may want to review or teach the states of matter, so children understand what a “cloud of gas” is in the northern lights lesson in The Science of Seasons Activities.
Australian map with animals
Make your own compass
Bible lesson: The Bible is our compass
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