Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual

Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook is sold separately and is also featured in Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle where you can get both the workbook and teacher’s manual at a 10% discount!

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Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual

Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual is designed to be a terrific teaching and grading help for the Beowulf’s Grammar student workbook. It contains:

  • Nearly every page of the workbook in miniature, so you can follow along with your student’s lessons without having to share his/her book.
  • Every answer, so you can check your student’s work with a minimum of effort
  • Additional (optional) printables to extend and enhance lessons
  • Explanations of some lesson segments to help you understand and/or explain concepts better
  • Teaching ideas, hands-on suggestions, and suggested games to help make learning fun while enhancing retention
  • Notes to give you a heads-up for concepts that may be difficult for some students and how to prevent confusion
  • An optional 33-week suggested schedule to help you keep on track
  • Cross-curricular ideas for incorporating subjects and activities like science and art
  • A story that will help your students learn and remember how to correctly use apostrophes that show possession
  • Book suggestions
Homeschool Award

Our homeschool grammar curriculum won FIRST PLACE in the Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. Thousands of homeschoolers ranked the curriculum they have used, and the products with the highest satisfaction ratings won. Beowulf’s Grammar curriculum garnered the highest satisfaction rating out of all the homeschool grammar program nominees. Click for more details.

Prerequisites: None
Approximate Daily Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes

Guest Hollow materials are downloadable/online. There are no physical copies.

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Grade Level / Age

Beowulf’s Grammar Curriculum is suggested for:
● Grades 2-6 and adaptable through high school
● Approximate ages 7- 12 and older!

What You Get

Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual comes with:
✔ A printable teacher’s guide and answer key
✔ A suggested weekly schedule
✔ Extra guidance and ideas for some lessons
✔ Extra printable activities

Why choose Beowulf’s Grammar Curriculum?

Make grammar the best part of your homeschool day!

“We just completed our year of Beowulf’s Grammar. We all loved it and learned so much! My ten year old son actually cried when we did our last page. Please, please, make more Beowulf’s Grammar! We all agree, Beowulf’s Grammar is the best way to learn grammar.”
Pamela K.

This is the grammar program you’ve been looking for!

Beowulf’s Grammar is my remedy to the dearth of interesting grammar programs. We’ve included comics, colorful illustrations, hands-on activities, gentle review, memorable characters, and a combination of approaches to help students not only retain what they are learning, but to actually enjoy grammar!

Customers have shared that Beowulf’s Teacher’s Manual is a much-appreciated addition to Beowulf’s Grammar. The teacher’s manual makes checking a student’s work so much easier, and the teaching ideas and explanations are a valuable addition to the program.

Beowulf’s Grammar is a beloved favorite of homeschools across the world!

Student Workbook

Everything you need to teach grammar!

The printable student workbook (sold separately) is stuffed full of terrific grammar lessons and activities. There is also a gentle, optional spiral review built in via the weekly review pages in the appendix. These extra pages help students retain the things they’ve learned, even when they’ve moved onto another topic.

Teacher’s Manual

Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual has nearly every page of the workbook in miniature, so you can follow along with your student’s lessons without having to share his/her book.

The teacher’s manual also contains all of the answers to the exercises, lessons, and review sheets.

In addition, there are lots of extra ideas to make things even more fun and relevant, and there are extra printables to help expand lessons.

Fun Projects

We work hard to engage ALL types of learners.

Grammar doesn’t have to be boring! We’ve created all sorts of hands-on activities, games, and projects to help concepts stick.

Here’s a small sample of activities from the student workbook (sold separately):

  • Make a pronoun pizza
  • Noun treasure chest and hunt
  • Making a menu to learn adjectives
  • Hands-on apostrophes activity
  • Helping verbs box and song
  • Turn adjectives into adverbs wheel
  • Subject and predicate mix-and-match

Love Grammar

Students and parents love Beowulf’s Grammar!

Our customers have shared over and over how their kids have grown to love grammar with Beowulf’s Grammar!

You’ve never seen a grammar curriculum like this!

A variety of activities, lessons, comics, and exercises keep grammar fresh, fun, and easy to understand. Images are from Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook (sold separately).

Homeschool grammar activities and games

Optional spiral review helps students remember their grammar lessons throughout the year.
Images are from Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook (sold separately).

Homeschool grammar curriculum spiral review pages

The teacher’s manual is a valuable addition to the curriculum with lots of extra comments to help you understand the concepts you are teaching along with ideas to extend your student’s studies.

Homeschool grammar curriculum teacher's manual

Gallery of Photos from Real Families Using Beowulf’s Grammar:

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Beowulf's Grammar Teacher's Manual

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Squirrel asking a question

Beowulf’s Grammar F.A.Q.

Have a question about our homeschool grammar curriculum? Take a look at our F.A.Q.!

Beowulf’s Grammar Curriculum is designed for grades 2-6. It can also be used with an older student or even an adult who needs to learn or review grammar concepts (if s/he doesn’t mind some of the juvenile graphics and/or activities). If you aren’t comfortable with grammar, you can learn along with your student(s)!

No previous grammar knowledge is assumed, so you can fill in possible gaps your student may have from previous years, or you can work from scratch to build a brand-new grammar foundation!

Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook is designed to be used by a multitude of ages, so it will require a multitude of approaches based on your student’s ability level. Younger students may need you to read pages out loud, be on hand to point things out, and help keep them on track. Older students may be able to go through the workbook by themselves (with supervision for activities), as each lesson is explained to the student. Reluctant writers can do some of the lessons orally. Be flexible and make it work for you and your unique situation!

For some students, Beowulf’s Grammar can be self-teaching. All of the pages are designed so that Beowulf is (or I am) doing the teaching. Everything is explained step-by-step and presented in a friendly way. There is no awkward parent script to read and slog through. Having said that, there are plenty of teaching ideas and notes in the teacher’s manual for parents who would like more guidance!

Beowulf’s Grammar covers all eight parts of speech as well as parts of a sentence and other grammar concepts like punctuation. It doesn’t just cover the basics; it also delves into some more complicated grammar concepts that aren’t usually included in a primary grammar book. I believe children are smart and can absorb these concepts if they are presented in an accessible way! Click the download button to see the table of contents of our program to see all the concepts covered.

Beowulf’s Grammar is very flexible. It was designed to be used over the course of about a year, but many customers use it over 2 years, especially with younger students. Middle schoolers and high schoolers using the program may with to use it at an accelerated pace over the course of one semester.

There is an optional 33-week schedule provided in Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual.

If you are using Beowulf’s Grammar in conjunction with our language arts program, it is scheduled out over 33 weeks.

Yes! Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual has nearly every page of the workbook in miniature, so you can follow along with your student’s lessons without having to share his/her book.

The teacher’s manual also contains all of the answers to the exercises, lessons, and review sheets. In addition, there are lots of extra ideas to make things even more fun and relevant, and there are extra printables to help expand lessons.

If you are very comfortable with grammar and don’t mind going through all of the exercises to correct them, you can possibly do without the teacher’s manual.

Having said that, we think the teacher’s manual is an integral part of the curriculum due to the additional ideas, teaching explanations, suggestions, additional activities, and the easy-to-read answer key that will make your homeschooling job easier.

Forever! If you save your initial download

Once you’ve downloaded the workbook and teacher’s manual to your computer or device, you are licensed to use the downloaded copies forever. Make sure you download, save, and back up your items immediately after your purchase! You can use your materials with younger students years later.

2 Years to Access Additional Downloads*

Additional downloads (after your initial purchase) are provided as a courtesy and are not guaranteed due to various potential technical and business (and life!) circumstances. It is our intention to continue to provide access for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. After the 2-year period, you will have the opportunity to repurchase your access at a substantial discount.

Please note, if you have problems, we have a liberal policy of providing extra, free access for unusual circumstances (at our discretion). Just contact us:

*Access to additional downloads is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed due to potential various circumstances on our end and yours including but not limited to various computer, device, and internet configurations.

Do you have suggestions for printing the workbook?

Many of our customers use The Homeschool Printing Company to print the workbook and then view the teacher’s manual via their home computer or tablet (and print some of the extra activity pages from the teacher’s manual using their home printer).  The Homeschool Printing Company’s prices seem to be reasonable.

Some families print the workbook using black ink and look at the color comics using a computer or a tablet.

Other families use remanufactured ink cartridges to save $$ or subscribe to the HP Instant Ink program. We used to purchase low cost ink from Carrot Ink when we were homeschooling.

Some families take the PDF to their local copy shop (such as Barnes & Noble) or library and have the pages printed out if the cost is cheaper than the above suggestions.

Can I print the pages double-sided?

We haven’t yet formated Beowulf’s Grammar to be printed double sided. However, a customer shared a printing guide she came up with in our Facebook Language Arts & Grammar group (search for “printing guide”).

Can the workbook be printed out in black-and-white?

Yes, but I recommend it be printed in color, if possible.

Do I need more than one print-out if I’m using this with multiple students?

Yes, you will need to print extra copies of the interactive pages and review sheets (in the back of the workbook). You can print just one copy of any comics and lesson pages, or you can view those pages on a computer or tablet.

Is there any way to use Beowulf’s Grammar without printing it?

No, you will have to print out at the very least some of the activities and the parts of speech cards. However, some customers have used apps on the iPad like GoodNotes and Notability that allow you to open a PDF, mark, write, and type on it, and even do some of the cut-and-paste activities. If you use Beowulf’s Grammar this way, you can save a LOT on printing costs and easily use it among siblings.

Please see the table of contents in the Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook. The review sheets are at the back of the workbook starting on page 346. If you downloaded the workbook in four parts, they are in the fourth download.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis depending on the amount of paperwork they require and the bureaucracy that needs to be navigated. 😉

No, you may NOT resell, share, or distribute any of Guest Hollow’s digital products (or printed out copies of our digital products) which includes but is not limited to schedules, workbooks, printables, and other materials.

Our materials are licensed for a single family’s use only. You may print out as many copies as you reasonably need for siblings or others living in your home.

Please contact us if you wish to use our materials in a co-op or school:

Yes. Every family in a co-op needs to purchase a copy of our materials (one item per family). We offer a co-op discount. Contact us for information about the discount.

Schools need to contact us for school pricing and payment options.

Contact us at:

No. We only offer a digital version at this time. You can print out your materials at home or have them printed via a printing service.

Some of our customers use The Homeschool Printing Company or Family Nest Printing. We don’t endorse any specific printing company. They are shared for informational purposes only.

While Beowulf’s Grammar is a stand-alone grammar program that can be used by itself, it is also scheduled in our language arts curriculum as a grammar “spine.”

Guest Hollow’s Language Arts Curriculum covers a variety of language arts subjects like grammar, writing, literature, poetry, spelling, copywork & dictation, and vocabulary. Beowulf’s Grammar is used in Guest Hollow Language Arts as a resource to teach grammar (along with other fun books and literature).

You do NOT need Guest Hollow’s Language Arts to use Beowulf’s Grammar. You do need Beowulf’s Grammar in order to use Guest Hollow’s Language Arts.

We are Christians, but Beowulf’s Grammar Curriculum is not intended to be a “Christian resource”. However, there may be infrequent (or what we consider to be) minor references or links to resources that mention Christian ideas, values, or sectarian topics even in our secular/non-religious/neutral curriculums.

Please note: On page 41 there is a Christian reference where the Bible is treated like a piece of literature. The crossword puzzle clue says, “The Bible verse in Proverbs 16:18 says: __________ goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.” The answer is pride. Secular families can skip this page entirely (it will not hurt the curriculum in any way), or a parent can write the answer in by hand. This is the only Biblical reference in the entire curriculum (400+ pages) that we recall.

We are happy to answer your questions!!! Just email us at:

Click or tap the button to join our Facebook groups! You can get additional questions answered, see pictures of students’ projects, get help and encouragement from other homeschoolers, or browse through the multitude of posts to get a feel for our products and see what real people think of Guest Hollow!

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Beowulf’s Grammar is an award-winning stand-alone grammar program that includes comics, colorful illustrations, hands-on activities, gentle review, memorable characters, and a combination of approaches to help students not only retain what they are learning, but to actually enjoy grammar!

Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle comes with both the student workbook and the teacher’s manual, plus you get to save over 10% compared to if you were to purchase these items separately! Read on to find out why so many homeschoolers around the world love Beowulf’s Grammar…

Reviews: See what our customers have to say!

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