Northern Lights Art Project and Science Lesson


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This printable has a 1 page science lesson about the northern lights (aurora). The 2nd page has simple instructions on how to make a beautiful northern lights art project using watercolors and black construction paper.

The lesson covers the following topics:

* The earth’s geographic and magnetic poles
* What causes the aurora borealis
* Places you might see northern lights
* What aurora are called in the Southern Hemisphere
* What causes the colors in the northern lights

The art activity gives stunning results, even for the least capable artist. It’s easy to do and very pretty!

Mix a bit of science and art together with this northern lights art project / painting / lesson!

This printable lesson and activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!


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