Biology Week 10

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Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Guest Hollow’s High School Biology Textbook
Guest Hollow's Homeschool Biology TextbookChapter 6: Gregor Mendel and Genetics

6.1 Mendel’s Investigations
WorkbookChapter 6.1 workbook pages
Writing Assignments
Write a paper about Mendel and his experiments. Incorporate an illustration of one of his pea plant experiments.
Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science)Illustrated Guide to Home Biology ExperimentsLab Session VI-1: Exploring Mendelian Genetics
Guest Hollow LabsDrosophila genetics simulationWisconsin Fast Plants Dihybrid Genetics Student Kit

Click here for the PDF that schedules out this experiment over 45 days.
Apologetics and Creation Science
The New Answers Book 2The New Answers Book 2Introduction: The “Evolutionizing” of a Culture
Chapter 1: Can Natural Processes Explain the Origin of Life?You will read chapter 2 later. 😊Chapter 3: Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures?
This week we start reading The New Answers Book 2. I scheduled in 3 chapters a week for a total of 10 weeks. You can read the book online for free or order it from Amazon and other retailers. There is also a free study guide available online.
Other Resources
Biology Coloring Workbook, 2nd Edition: An Easier and Better Way to Learn BiologyBiology Coloring WorkbookChapter 3
(p. 64) Mendelian Genetics
Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew PeasGregor MendelRead this week.
Biology 101Genetics
Amoeba Sisters: Monohybrids and the Punnett Square Guinea Pigs

Gene editing: should you be worried? 24:34m
Amoeba Sisters: Dihybrid and Two-Trait Crosses

Sci-Show: We Hadn’t Sequenced the Human Genome…Until Now
What identical twins separated at birth teach us about genetics – BBC REEL
*This video shows drawn nudity.
Sci-Show: Have an Autoimmune Disease? Blame the Black Death

Hybridization vs Inbreeding
Answers in Genesis: New Discoveries About Human History Change EVERYTHING | Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson 20:41m
Mendel & Pea Plants coloring page
Use this for notebooking.

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