Artist Notebooking Page(s)


Use this notebooking page to feature an artist and his / her art. You get 4 files, some of which the student can directly edit!

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Use this notebooking page to feature an artist and his / her art. There are spaces to enter in the following:

★ The artist’s name
★ A space to write in dates (birth / death / other date)
★ 2 boxes to paste in examples of the artist’s work either by hand, or via a word processor
★ Space underneath the boxes to write in the titles of the examples
★ An area to write about the artist or his/her work
★ I like this artist radio buttons (yes / no)
★ Words I think of when I view this artist’s work section
★ Space for the student to draw

You get 4 different versions of the file:

★ A PDF to print out with box titles / instructions
★ An editable PDF
★ A non-editable blank format PDF
★ An editable Microsoft Word document that can be edited directly by the student. Students can easily paste in examples of art right from a Google image search (or other resource). Students can also type up their answers, print the document and then finish their drawings by hand.

This is a basic, but really useful notebooking page if you are studying artists or art.

NOTE: The printables are contained in a zip file. You get a PDF packet, as well as a Microsoft Word document.

Happy homeschooling!


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