Four Seasons Paper Dolls & Playsets


This 14 page printable has a variety of printable playsets and playset figures (paper dolls) for each of the four seasons. These playsets and figures are great for teaching about the seasons! You can also use them as a classroom / kid’s room decoration and change the figures’ clothes depending on the season. Kids can also use the sets and figures for storytelling (ELA), enacting out scenes from books, practicing dialogue, and other similar creative and educational pursuits.

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With your purchase you get a 14 page, printable PDF that contains:

  • An idea sheet (written to students)
  • Playset instructions (how to put the playsets together)
  • Paper dolls (playset figures): Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their fox terrier Beowulf
  • Several playsets:
    • An indoor scene (schoolroom / house)
    • A spring outdoor scene
    • A summer outdoor scene
    • A fall outdoor scene
    • A winter outdoor scene
  • Several sheets of outfits and cut outs
    • Dress-up clothes (for any season) & table
    • Spring clothes and frog umbrella
    • Summer picnic clothes with basket, pie, and plates of food
    • Fall clothes with leaves, a pumpkin, and adorable hedgehog
    • Winter clothes with a recipe book, school report, plate of cookies, honey bear, and peanut butter jar. There is even a coat for the dog!

All graphics are beautifully hand drawn and digitally painted!

These printables are an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

*Please note: Younger children may need assistance cutting the clothes and figures out. I recommend printing the playsets and figures onto cardstock.


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