Latitude and Longitude Worksheets


Learn about latitude and longitude (and more!) with this cute set of printables. Scroll down to read more!

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Learn about latitude, longitude and G.P.S. (global positioning systems) with this colorful and cute set of printables!

You get 3 pages that explain longitude and latitude (and more) with easy-to-understand illustrations, rhymes and activities.

Some of the topics explained are:
* Latitude
* Longitude
* Degrees
* Parallel lines
* How latitude affects daylight hours in different seasons
* 5 “important” lines of latitude: the Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Antarctic Circle
* The International Dateline
* The Prime Meridian
* The tropics
* G.P.S. coordinates
* A rhyme to copy (handwriting practice that reinforces what is being learned)

All the illustrations are digitally hand-drawn and painted!

Make latitude and longitude memorable with this set of 3 printable pages!

NOTE: This activity is adapted from The Science of Seasons Activity Book.

Happy homeschooling!


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