Water Cycle Wheel Printable


Make learning about the water cycle fun with this super cute printable water cycle wheel!

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water cycle printable

This 3 page PDF features a super cute water cycle wheel and a little water facts booklet. *Please note: This printable is included for free in the Knowledge of Nature Curriculum

Students can make their own water cycle wheel that shows the following stages of the water cycle: precipitation, collection, evaporation, and condensation. There are also several facts about water on the cut-out sheets.

The top wheel has super cute, kid-friendly illustrations kids can color. There are two options for the bottom wheel. The 1st option is already illustrated, with definitions for each stage of the water cycle. The 2nd option isn’t illustrated. Kids can draw their own illustrations beneath the definitions.

To assemble the wheel you will need a brad fastener that pokes through the black dot on the top wheel.

The 4 page booklet discusses various water cycle facts like:

  • How & why you could be drinking water a dinosaur drank (creation / evolution neutral)
  • An example of evaporation
  • An example of transpiration

Kids can color the top page of the booklet and staple the pages together with a single staple (per booklet).

There are lots of water cycle wheels available, but this one is so cute!! It will help make learning about the water cycle fun.


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printable water cycle wheel activity



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