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Big Bag of Science Kit Review

The Big Bag of Science gets 5 stars! My teaching philosophy when it comes to science is to make topics as hands-on and engaging as…
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Irish Blaa (white rolls) recipe

Geography is Yummy: Irish Blaa

Is your student interested in cooking his/her way around the world? Guest Hollow’s High School Geography & Cultures Curriculum is chock-full of more delicious and ethnic recipes,…
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Free and frugal homeschooling

Free and Frugal Homeschooling

When I started homeschooling in the early 1990’s there weren’t many homeschool curriculum choices. I didn’t have access to stacks of catalogs or online resources.…
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Drops Language Learning App

Drops Language Learning App Review

I recommend learning a foreign language while using our homeschool geography curriculum. A great app for language learning is Drops! I’ve personally used it to…
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Lingo Deer Language Learning App Review

LingoDeer Review

I mentioned how I’m learning Japanese in a previous post about learning languages. I have tried just about every app in existence to see which one…
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